Preventative Maintenance


After you’ve invested in a piece of equipment such as a forklift, you might want to consider getting a preventative maintenance program (PMP). The question we often ask ourselves is: “Is it really worth it?”


Can your precious cargo be shipped if your forklift is not performing?


Can the reception of your primary materials be carried out?


Do your employees work with a safe forklift?


If you answered “no” to all three questions; you need to consider a PMP.


Any equipment with moving parts must be properly maintained and repaired to ensure optimal performance and to comply with workplace safety rules. Also these services are recommended and often required by manufacturers of forklifts.


Let MCF Equipment Inc. consult with you on a maintenance schedule and its benefits. Avoid costly repairs, downtime for your equipment, and reduce the risk of emergency repairs with a preventative maintenance program.


We recommend a maintenance minimum twice a year and increase it according to the equipment’s usage and age.


Other advantages:


·        Increase operational efficiency: improve equipment reliability.

·        Extend the life: Extend the life of your equipment by letting professionals perform maintenance and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

·        Correct first-time fixes: minimize the cost of repairing your equipment by skilled, specialised technicians.

·        Ensure peace of mind: Comply with numerous governmental regulations in SST, food agencies, transport and others.

·        Protect your employees: Prevent workplace injuries by preventing your workers from being exposed to faulty and dangerous equipment. The law demands it.

·        Stay informed: Receive detailed digital inspection reports on the condition of your equipment.


With over 50 years of experience, MCF Equipment Inc. is your trusted partner for fast and efficient service. We work with you to determine your needs and we will tailor a unique program for you.


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Posted May 20, 2021.

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