Our technicians are qualified and certified.

MCF offers you an outstanding service 24/7 by one of our eleven accredited technicians.

  • WHMIS2015
  • Locking
  • Working at heights
    Working at heights
  • Fall prevention at height
    Fall prevention at height
  • Aeronautical certification
    Aeronautical certification
  • First Aid
    First Aid
  • Construction ASP
    Construction ASP
  • Lift formation
    Lift formation

We hold a ten million liability insurance that includes hot work on site.

In-house training once a week

All for a competitive hourly rate and no "calling" fee.

To meet the health and safety requirements of our customers, MCF Equipments conforms to several international standards under the supervision of companies that specialize in subcontractor compliance.

The reasons are simple.

  • Downtime due to broken equipment is expensive.
  • Health and safety is a priority for all businesses.
  • Our technicians mold to your criteria and adapt to yout needs.
  • Our flexibility is our strength.

New : ESP (Entente de Service Préférentiels)

Why ESP?

  • Preferential hourly rate.
  • Reduced response time.
  • Preferential rate of increase.
  • Fixed routine maintenance price.

We are also accredited by several third party institutes:

Contractor Check

RBQ: 8329-2144-49