The 0401 is perfect for dock openings up to 11’ x 10’. It is one of the most versatile shelters available, covering a wide variety of door sizes and handles an even wider variety of trailer sizes. The 0401 requires little maintenance or service and has an extremely long life span. The frame is made with sturdy galvanized tubing that will not warp, rot or twist. A large selection of cover fabrics are available including vinyls and hypalons.


Stationary truck dock shelter(s) to be Series 0401 as manufactured by Super Seal Mfg. Ltd.,Woodbrige, Ontario. Stationary truck dock shelters(s) to be manufactured to fit door opening size _____ft. wide x_____ft. high. Unit framework to be constructed of 1-1/2” x 1 1/2” galvanized steel tubing covered with galvanized cladding. The header framework shall be peaked to allow adequate drainage. The vertical panel shall contian fiberglass stays, the top three (3) being a“Z” pattern to keep the curtain straight at all times. The vertical panels shall have a double layer of fabric at the leading edge impact area and a 4” wide x 14” high yellow guide stripe to aid in spotting shelters. The header panel to full height fiberglass stays and overlapping protective flaps at trailer impact areas. The header panel to have elastic wind straps to keep the panel in position. All stays to be enclosed in multi-layer reinforcement pockets. Leading edge of vertical and header panels to have a sewn-in foam bead for a tight seal. Double-stitched,high strength twisted 4 ply 100% polyester boned thread U.V.treated used for sewing throughout. All exterior frontframe edge shall be trimmed with aluminum angle to provide a neat, clean finish. Unit to be furnished with all necessary galvanized mounting hardware to resist corrosion. 18” - 20” projection in front of the dock bumper is recommended to provide a proper seal.

Series 0401 Product Details:

  • Series 0401 standard dimensions for door openings up to 11’w x 10’h are 11’6”w x 11’ h x 24” projection with 21” wide vertical panels and a 36” drop header panel.
  • With a dock height of 48” the 0401 seals trailers from 11’6” to 13’6”high from grade.Also seals trailers with width from 8’w. \
  • A large selection of cover fabrics available including our exclusive SS-90-1 high performance vinyls (see Material Selection Guide).
  • Can be designed to suit a large variety of oversized door opening heights, widths and or dock projections.
  • Also availabe in pressure treated wood frames.

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